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Living at the edge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge


Brilliant things: Lions at Wellington Zoo

I love how easy it is to get to Wellington Zoo. While it isn’t quite an inner city, it’s probably only a 15 minute drive from the CBD. Those living at the edges of the Zoo apparently can hear the lions roar! This is one of the two male lions at Wellington Zoo (I can’t tell the difference between Malik and Zulu!!). I find it fascinating to visit the lion habitat when I’m at the zoo. Mostly because they pretty much behave like my cat, but much bigger. Also, it was very educational doing the lion encounter (but not a close encounter) to learn about the conservation efforts and also how Wellington Zoo treats their lions.


















Curved heritage

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

IMG_20160624_140855 copy.jpg

Brilliant things: Heritage buildings

This is the Public Trust Building not far from where I work. It’s one of my favourite heritage buildings in Wellington. It is a beautiful building and I’m especially pleased that beautiful buildings like this are preserved and earthquake strengthened (despite the cost) rather than just bulldozed to make way for something new.

I love that Wellington is a beautiful mix of old and new buildings.

(at least) 52 Brilliant Things

I turned the big four-zero not long ago and thought I would like to do something to mark the milestone. I know turning 40 is not that big a deal, but I am very much aware that there was a point where I wasn’t sure I would get here in one piece or even get here at all.

I saw a play not long ago entitled ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ (see a review here). It’s a brilliant and funny play which revolves around the topic of depression. But most important, the main story line of the play is about the main character making a list of what makes life brilliant. So I thought I’d do a pictorial list of brilliant things for the next 52 weeks, and at the same time, challenge my photography skills by connecting it with photo challenges. And hopefully have some fun along the way!