Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

In this week’s challenge, show us your minimalist photos. Find an interesting texture, color, or silhouette. Maybe there is a story that you can tell with your minimalist photo. Try an interesting angle with your composition to turn a traditional scene into a minimalist one, by eliminating as much of the extra detail in the background as possible. Make sure you’ve got good contrast, and your focus is nailed on the part of the photo that is telling the story.

Spring is here!

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy” Isaac Newton

Cover Art

Excuse the long absence. My old SLR ceased to function and I have finally bought a new one so my photography adventures can resume.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover art

For this week’s Photo Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine.

Cover art for an indie album?

“The Wanderer
What is she like?
I was told—
she is a
melancholy soul.

She is like
the sun to the night;
a momentary gold.

A star when dimmed
by dawning light;
the flicker of
a candle blown.

A lonely kite
lost in flight—
someone once
had flown.”
Lang Leav, from Love & Misadventure


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

rel·ic  [rel-ik] noun

2. an object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past: a museum of historic relics.

Old Government Buildings 1

The Old Government Building is situated on Lambton Quay in Wellington, New Zealand. It was completed in 1876, and is the second-largest wooden building in the world.

Door_Old Government Buildings

It is a simple but beautiful building, and I decided only to take photos of the outside (though it may have been warmer inside the building as it was a grey, cold winter day) because I see the outside of the building as it is situated diagonally across from my workplace. There is something about the simplicity of this grand structure that has always caught my eye.

Old Government Buildings 4

Out front a bronze statue of Prime Minister Peter Fraser strides off to Parliament

“It is indeed a terrible thing and a reflection on our civilization that, in a land of plenty, children should lack sufficient to eat…” Peter Fraser, NZ Prime Minister 1940 – 1949

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