I love vanilla ice cream with choc whizz, catering to my cat’s whims, a nice glass of medium sweet Riesling. I like taking photos, I like words. I consider myself a foodie. I am an amalgamation of eastern, western and Jesus values. I am a civil servant and am trying to take up running. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and am working hard not to be defined by it.

Originally I started this blog during a rough patch to give myself the creative task of finding a photo I had taken and finding words to accompany it. Other things like putting all my energy into returning to full-time work took over (hence the hiatus). This blog might just turn out to be a cathartic means for me to express myself with words and pictures as I manage life with anxiety and depression. While I will not be defined by it, I cannot escape the fact that it colours who I am.

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